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Men's & Women's Custom Clothier.




100+ Years of Garment Heritage: 

Coming from a line of families that are serial entrepreneurs, The 3 founding partners Stavros, Theodora & Hemant sat at a dinner table celebrating a moment of happiness. The thought was to put their heads together to build a lifestyle brand that people embraced. The goal was simple, they created a product and experience that made people look and feel great!

Stavros grandmother owned her own suit production factory in Greece. With 10+ workers in the factory, she created custom 1 off pieces for her clients all over Greece. Today, Stavros family owns several restaurants in New York and a 5 star hotel in Greece.

Theodora's grandmother was a seamstress in Greece. She taught Theodora how to cut and sew at an early age. Theodora's obsession with fashion is fueled by her desire to create better fitting clothing for women. Today Theodora's family owns several business across the globe primarily focusing on baked goods such as The French Workshop in New York.

Hemant's family has been in the garment manufacturing business for over 35 years. They supply tens of thousands of garments per month to private labels and large department stores ranging from Calvin Klein to Macy's which is sourced from all over the world. This gives Astor Vance end to end control of its products. Hemant has a desire to positively impact people around him which is the reason behind why he wanted to create the lifestyle Brand Astor Vance.  

From the experiences each partner garnered from their respective families businesses, they determined that attaining a 100% customer satisfaction was going to be the key driver to success. Today, every garment made is derived from over 35 measurements and customization option by each customer. The fabrics and trims are sourced from top mills around the world! The partners created a lifestyle brand that tops product quality comparable to private labels such as Valentino & Canali but at a fraction of the price!