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Men's & Women's Custom Clothier.


Are your garments completely custom made?

Yes, all of our garments are custom cut and made to your personal measurements and styling requests.

How many fittings do you need before the garment is ready?

We have high quality and fit standards which is why we take over 30 measurements. 80% of our suits come out to be perfect the first time! In the event your custom clothing is not perfect the first time around, we will alter the garment the second time to get you that perfect fit!

I have never bought a custom clothing before, will I be able to visualize it from a small swatch?

Our stylist will help you navigate through all the swatches by asking a few simple questions to understand your clothing needs. 

I have a suit that fits me perfectly. Can you copy the fit?

Yes, we can make the exact suit or mirror what it is you like about the garment.

Do working buttonholes or pick stitching cost extra?

All styling designs are included in the price of the garment (except vests and extra sets of trousers). Examples include functioning button holes, pick stitching, extra pockets, slanted pockets, double breasted, contrasting jacket linings, crotch linings, suspender buttons and more.

If you gain or lose a few pounds we will alter the garment at a minimal charge. The suit will still retain its custom appearance The most important part of a custom garment is the posture and shoulder measurements. 

What if I gain or lose weight?