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How to Rock A Bowtie

Hemant Varshney

There’s no doubt about it…geeks are hot! And whether you yearn to be Sheldon Cooper, emulate Tina Fey or are looking for a Clark Kent under your Superman façade, it’s time to get onboard! But we know what you’re thinking…I’m hopelessly cool! How will I ever be able to attain sublime geekery? Easy! Just add a bowtie! Not sure how to rock a bowtie? No worries. The specialists at Astor Vance are here to help. 

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of bow ties. These include the self-tied, pre-tied and clip-on. Now, you should realize that if you aspire to the upper echelons of geekiness, self-tied should be the obvious choice. (Pssst…there are tons of videos online with bow tie tying tutorials). 

There are also different shapes when it comes to bowties. The most common and versatile of these is the butterfly which is around 2.5 inches in height. Bigger men might want to opt for the big butterfly which is around 3 inches in height and may work for more formal events. 

Other shapes include the batwing which is narrow straight, angular and suited for a casual setting. The diamond tip is double layered, angular and can work for a number of occasions. Bowties should line up with the outmost crests of your temples and fit firmly yet comfortably.

Bow ties can really work for any occasion, but you don’t want to wear one too often. Be sure to have enough cardigans and superhero t-shirts on hand for a bit of nerd diversity. But if you are going to commit to the bow tie look, do it right. Here are a few general rules. 

Bowties can be as wacky as you want them to be and, since they are such a small pieces of clothing, its’ okay to go for bold patterns. These can include polka dots, paisley, stripes and more. However, if you do opt for a crazy pattern on your tie, go for a muted suit and dress shirt in conservative colors. Navy, black or gray work best for the suit, while blue or white make for the best shirt color choices. Pinstripe and plaid suits can be the ultimate in geek couture but, if you go for this look, try pairing it with a tie that has a more subtle pattern. 

The material of your bowtie is also something that should be considered. Go for shinier fabrics like silk and satin for dressier occasions. Opt for wool, cotton and linen for casual days when you’re just kickin’ it at your desk trying to figure out quadratic equations. Keep in mind that a dressier tie will not work with a casual shirt so go for a nice, crisp dress shirt if your sporting that silk or satin. 

Still not sure of the best way to rock the bowtie? Consult the style specialists at Astor Vance. Whether you are going for the height of geek couture, need to rock a professional look or just need a general fashion upgrade, they can make sure you are a style standout.