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Office Christmas Party | Astor Vance

Hemant Varshney

Been invited to a Christmas party at your office? Need some help with your outfit? Then you are in the right place. It is no easy task finding a suitable outfit. It can be difficult choosing whether to look formal, causal or a mixture of the two. We are here to help, we have some style tips and fashion advice that will ensure you are dressed to impress at your festive office party. 


The first thing you need to think about is where the party is taking place. This will help you in deciding what look you want to go for. Perhaps the invite is for an expensive formal restaurant. If that was the case, you would wear your best suit. However, if the invite suggests a more casual dinner or a night out on the town, you could relax your formal look and go for a smart casual vibe. One of the best pieces of advice we can give is that if there is a dress code then follow it! The last thing you want is no entry due to the wrong attire. It really does depend on where you are going so let that guide you. 

Show Your Style

At work most of us must follow a dress code. This means you may wear clothes to work everyday that do not show off your own individual style. A Christmas party is the perfect time to shake up your look and show how trendy you can be. This means that you should wear a different outfit to what you would at work. So, if you wear a suit and want to wear a suit to the party consider wearing a different color or leave the tie at home. If the evening is more casual ditch the suit and go for a jacket and jeans. Use this festive event as an opportunity to show off your personality and who you are away from work. 


Key Pieces to Consider

 Full Suit – If the party is either at a formal venue or has a formal dress code this will require a full suit. Just because it is a suit doesn’t mean you have to look like you are at the office. There are different ways to wear a suit that will get you noticed at the event. You could go for a smart black suit and white shirt combination. To mix it up add a more vibrant tie or pocket square. As it is the festive season you could also wear suits in other shades such as burgundy. This is a bold and stylish look. If you are not comfortable with a full suit in a different color you could wear a burgundy jacket and black trousers or in another color combo. 

 Jacket –  A high quality, well-fitting jacket will instantly give you a winning outfit. Depending on the venue wear your jacket with smart trousers or with jeans. Consider going for a navy, burgundy or a black jacket. As it is the festive season you could even try a velvet jacket. 

 Shirt – The shirt you choose depends on the formality of your outfit and what you are wearing it with. If you are wearing a suit go for a plain shirt. If you are wearing just the shirt and pants you could go for a bolder color or a stylish print. If considering a printed shirt think about choosing patterns like paisley, dots or stripes. You could wear a plain jacket with shirts like these to. 


Shoes – Shoes are a simple decision to make. Choose smart shoes, you could also wear your work shoes. Just make sure they are clean and polished. The golden rule for shoes is avoid sneakers! 


Finish off your outfit with some accessories. If wearing a suit, consider a tie or pocket square. The pocket square can be worn with a jacket and jeans to. A shirt also looks super stylish with cufflinks. 

We are now at the end of our tips to a fabulous festive party outfit. Whatever you choose to wear just choose it before the day arrives. Try the outfit on and make sure you feel confident. Confidence is the best thing you can wear so make sure you feel comfortable. If you need any more help on shirts, suits, jackets and more contact Astor Vance.