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10 Must-Have Gifts for a Stylish Suit Wear

Hemant Varshney

Looking for the perfect gift for the stylish man in your life? Then you are in the right place! We have put together ten gift ideas that are must-have for a man who loves his suits. 

1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a very stylish and sophisticated way to finish off a suited look. There are so many cufflinks available from simple to personalized. You can even get cufflinks that have a sporting design or their favourite movie or tv show. When thinking about what cufflinks to buy consider the man you are buying for and where he will wear them. If for work and formal events, choose simple if they are a novelty and fun gift choose something personal to them. 

Take a look at some cufflinks to get some inspiration. 


2. Pocket Square

Pocket squares are a must have for any man who takes pride in his appearance. These accessories are the perfect way for a man in a suit to complete his look. There are many options when it comes to pocket squares. You can buy one, buy a few in a gift set or buy as a set with a tie. As far as colors and patterns are concerned if you aren’t sure just keep it simple. Minimal patterns and neutral colors are the easiest designs that will impress. If the guy, you are buying for loves vibrant colors then be bolder with your pocket square choices. 

 Here are some examples of trendy pocket squares. 


3. Tie

A tie is a stylish and practical gift. You could say is a gift that keeps on giving as a tie can be worn again and again for any occasion. Ties are great gift ideas for a guy that has everything. It can be difficult finding a gift, but a tie is something he will love. You can get packs of ties or just one special tie. Choose something neutral for a minimal man and for a bolder man choose something vibrant. 

 Take a look at some must-have ties


4. Belt

Belts look super stylish with a suit. These accessories are great as a gift because he could wear a belt with his suit or with other outfits to. There are many belts available to choose from so just pick a good quality one and you will have an awesome gift. 

 Check out these trendy belts. 



5. Lapel Pin

If you are looking for something a little special, then consider a lapel pin. Lapel pins are sophisticated and stylish. Not only that but it will jazz up his suit and allow him to add some personality to his look. There are many lapel pin designs out there from trendy and modern to vintage. 

 Here are some lapel pins to get you inspired. 


6. Dress Watch

A dress watch is the perfect finishing touch for a suited look. Your guy will love a watch if he likes to look good and takes care of his appearance and outfit. There are so many watches to choose from so it can seem like a difficult task but just choose something classy and simple for a guaranteed Christmas hit. 

Take a look at some watches that would make perfect Christmas gifts. 


7. Tie Clip

Know someone who likes to look neat and well dressed? Then a tie clip could be the perfect gift for them. A tie clip is used to prevent the tie from swinging and keeps it straight. So, not only is it useful but also stylish.

 There are many tie clip designs out there. Take look at some we think are must-haves!


8. Dress Scarf

Every stylish man needs a dress scarf. When it is cold outside, but a guy still wants to look formal then a dress scarf could be the perfect solution. A dress scarf will make a beautiful gift to. There are many scarf styles out there so maybe you could pick the recipients favourite color or pattern.

Here are some scarves that we love.

 9.  Handkerchief

A handkerchief may not seem like an exciting gift, but we are here to tell you why it would make a great gift! Handkerchiefs are both functional and stylish. These come in many colors, patterns and prints. Not only that but handkerchiefs can be embroidered with initials. This is a practical and personalized gift idea that he would love. You can also buy these in gift sets to.

 Take a look at some handkerchiefs for inspiration. 


10. Clothes Brush

Last on our gift list is a clothes brush. Now we know this doesn’t sound like the best gift but any guy who likes to look neat and clean will love it. We aren’t talking about average brushes you can pick up some great quality brushes that look special to give as gifts. A gift like this is great if you do not know what to get someone. 

 Here are some clothes brushes to get the gift idea. We hope you have found the perfect gift!