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Style Guide

Holiday Party looks for Women

Hemant Varshney

When thinking about an outfit for a special occasion or party many women immediately think of a classic LBD. However, the holiday party season has so much more to offer! At this time of year, we have sparkles, beautiful velvet pieces and garments in colors that grab attention. So, for your parties this festive season mix it up and try something new. At Astor Vance we have you covered and have found 10 fabulous festive party looks. 

1. Sparkling Sequins

 We couldn’t have holiday party looks without mentioning sequins! Sequins are glam and will sparkle at any party. For the ladies who like to make a statement go all out with sequins. Maybe try a sequin dress or even sequin trousers. If usually you wear minimal or neutral outfits, then choose one sequin item. Maybe a top and pair it with simple black trousers. 

AV1 (1).jpg

2. Glamorous Gold

 Gold is a must have for the party season. We love metallic gold pieces because you can wear gold for a night out on the town, to your Christmas party and anywhere else. Gold is also perfect for both Christmas and New Year. For a look that will steal the spotlight try wearing a gold top and trousers or a dress. If you want a toned-down look wear one gold piece with something neutral. 

AV2 (1).jpg

3. Festive Red

 For any Christmas parties’ red is a must have. This iconic Christmas color suits everyone and can be dressed up or down. For a fabulously festive outfit try wearing a red dress. You could wear a simple dress or try a full-length dress or maybe even a red dress with sequins! If dresses are not your thing, try a red pant suit or a red top and neutral pants. 

4. Velveteen

 Velveteen will give you a chic and sophisticated party look. With this idea we suggest trying a velveteen suit or if you don’t want to go all out just choose a jacket. Wear your suit or jacket with a lace top for a gorgeous party look. You can be as bold or as subtle as you like with color. Maybe try a black, burgundy or dark green suit. 

AV4 (1).jpg

5. Burgundy

Burgundy is a must have color for the winter. So, make your holiday party outfit bang on trend by wearing a warm burgundy. You can get all clothing in this shade from dresses to pant suits. For a dramatic look wear a burgundy lip color to!

AV5 (1).jpg

6. Naughty and Nice

 You don’t have to choose between being naughty and nice this holiday season, try a combination of the two! There are many ways to have a mix of styles. Maybe you could try a pretty lace top with a leather skirt. If you want to make more of a statement you could even, go for leather trousers. If you like wearing dresses, then choose a daring dress like leather and wear with elegant shoes and accessories. 

AV6 (1).jpg

7. Stylish Silk

Silk dresses will make you look stylish and glamorous for any party event. If you are going somewhere that requires a more formal dress code, then choose a longer silk dress. However, if you are going to a party at a club try a shorter one. For color choices for red, black or metallic gold or silver. 

AV7 (1).jpg

8. Trendy Tuxedo

 Want to steal the limelight during the holiday season? Then consider wearing a suit. A stylish suit will make you look and feel confident and glamorous. You don’t want to look like you are going to the office so wear your suit with a sparkly or lace top. Try a chic black suit or festive burgundy suit. 

AV8 (1).jpg

9. All Out Christmas

For the ladies who adore Christmas then this is your time to shine! You can tastefully go all out on your Christmas outfit. Maybe try a red sequin dress with sparkling gold accessories. If you want a statement making outfit, then you could even try a sequin suit. This is a fun season so take advantage of it and experiment with your look. 


AV9 (1).jpg

10. Unique LBD

 If you love your little black dress, then you should wear one this party season. You can mix up the look by choosing a LBD with a unique style feature. Maybe a dress with one sleeve or a dress with some elegant lace. 

AV10 (1).jpg

Whatever you choose to wear this holiday season, wear it with confidence and enjoy all the festive fun!