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Style Guide

18 Menswear Essentials to bring into 2018

Hemant Varshney

The new year has arrived which means there is lot of upcoming trends. It’s not only the new styles we are excited about but also sales and adding our essentials from last year into this year’s looks. To help you create a must-have wardrobe we have put together a list of 18 menswear essentials that you should bring into 2018. There is something for everyone. 

1. Loafers
Loafers are an essential for any man. A loafer is comfortable, always stylish and can be worn for any occasion. You can dress these up or down and can be worn with socks or without. Loafers can be worn with both new and older outfits. 

AV2 (2).jpg

2. All Occasion Jacket
Jackets are a great investment because you will wear it again and again. Try to choose a simple jacket in a neutral color, this way it will suit everything you own and anything you might buy in the future. You can wear a jacket like this with jeans or with smart trousers. 

AV3 (2).jpg

3. Turtleneck Sweater
We still have winter weather to come and spring can be a little chilly. So, be on the look out for a stylish and cosy turtleneck sweater. A turtleneck can be worn casually for when relaxing or can be worn with a jacket and trousers for a smarter look. 

AV4 (2).jpg

4. Black Jeans
Any wardrobe needs a pair of black jeans. Black jeans are great for the guy who always wants to look trendy but wants to be comfortable to. Black jeans can be worn with a casual top or with a shirt and jacket for an occasion that requires you to look smart. Black also suits everything so you will be wearing the jeans often. 

AV5 (2).jpg

5. White Oxford Shirt
A white shirt is a wardrobe staple. It will go with everything and you can wear it with a variety of jackets in different colors and prints. A shirt like this can be worn for a night out or even for a very special occasion like a wedding. It is a great investment. 

AV6 (2).jpg

6.  Black SuiT
If you want easy to wear, no fuss outfits then a black suit is a great choice for you. A black suit can be worn for work, a night out with a more formal dress code and for special occasions. You can wear a black suit with any shirt. A black suit is effortlessly stylish. 

AV7 (2).jpg

7. Pocket Square
Pocket squares will jazz both older and newer suits. It is a fun and stylish way to add some personality and color to your suits. For formal occasions and for work wear a simple and neutral pocket square for other occasions choose any color and print. 

AV8 (2).jpg

8. Overcoat
An overcoat will make any outfit look instantly stylish. When choosing an overcoat try to choose a neutral color, camel would be a great choice and make sure it fits well. Invest in a good quality coat that fits on the shoulders and arms properly. 

AV9 (2).jpg

9. Sweater
We mentioned turtleneck sweaters earlier in the post, but a high neck is not for everyone. If this is your or you want to mix up your look just try a simple and cozy sweater. You can wear a sweater like this with anything and can experiment in color. 

AV10 (2).jpg

10. Striped Shirt
Stripes give your outfit some personality and style. You can still look smart, but you can have fun with your fashion to. For an occasion that requires formal attire where neutral stripes, for a night out or more causal occasion brighten up your stripe print. 


11. Casual Boots
Every man should have smart shoes and casual ones. Neutral boots like this will make your jeans and relaxed top look smart and trendy. You will wear these again and again so invest in a good quality pair of boots. 

12. Jewelry
Jewelry can add style to any look. You don’t just have to wear a wedding ring you can accessorize. Personalized jewelry was a big trend in 2017 but it will look super stylish in 2018 to. Try a personalized ring for an easy to wear look. A ring on your little finger will look very trendy. 


13. Any Occasion Trousers
You can’t wear jeans for some occasions and sometimes trousers are too smart. You can find comfortable trousers that are somewhere in between. You can find trousers that look smart but feel relaxed like jeans. The trick is to find good quality trousers that fit well. Choose grey or black so you can wear them with any of your outfits.                                  


 14. Woven Knit Tie
If you haven’t heard of the trend already then, a knitted tie may sound a little crazy. However, a knitted tie is unique, stylish and will look awesome with any outfit. There are so many styles with small weaves and chunky ones and they are available in any color. We love this trend and it will look great in 2018. 






15. Statement Socks
When you wear a neutral colored suit majority of the time it can get a bit boring. Jazz up your look with statement socks. You can wear bright colors and prints to bring some personality to your suits. These are also fun to wear on relaxed days to.