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Style Guide

Wearing Boots with a Suit

Hemant Varshney

When choosing shoes for a suit you may go for the classic loafer or dress shoe but why not choose boots? Boots are perfect for unpredictable weather and will look stylish to. It is important to choose the right boots for your suit. You don’t want to choose steel toe caps or wellington boots, you want to keep your look smart and sophisticated. To help you get the suited and booted look right we have found the perfect boot styles and have some tips you need to know. 

Chelsea Boots

 Chelsea boots ooze style. These stylish shoes date back to the 1960’s when men’s fashion was all about dapper suits and being well-dressed. The Chelsea boots are as stylish now as they were back then. 


When wearing a Chelsea boot you need to keep the sleek and streamlined look flowing into your suit. So, we recommend a suit with slim pants and a fitted jacket. Avoid a suit that is bulky or one with pants that are baggy around the boot. As far as color goes keep it neutral and go for a dark color as then you can wear them with any of your suits.


Hiking Boots

 Wearing a hiking boot with a suit may seem crazy at first. The pieces have completely opposite uses as you wouldn’t be seen hiking in the wild in your best suit but give it a chance and you will see how smart the two look together. 


Hiking boots have had a transformation. Shoe Designers and brands have used the hiking style and added in trendy features. So now you can buy durable hiking boots that look smart, stylish and you can wear these with a suit or with a causal outfit like jeans. When wearing these boots with a suit try and choose a suit that is light and neutral in color. This way you can look co-ordinated and the suit will compliment the boots. When you choose the boots go for a brown, black or grey and we recommend going for boots in suede. 

Combat Boots

 The way you style combat boots is about to change. No longer are combat boots just for causal days with jeans. Now you can wear them in the office with your smartest suit. The right boot will keep you looking professional with a badass edge. 

When choosing combat boots you need to consider the use. So, you are not off into battle in these boots, you are wearing the boots on a day to day basis. With this in mind it gives you the clue that your combat boots should be more stylish than solider. Look for boots that aren’t bulky and ones without a chunky sole. You want sleek combat boots in a dark color. You can wear boots like this with any suit. 

Work Boots

AV3 (3).jpg

 Work boots are not just for factories and industrial settings anymore. Now you can wear these to the office with your suit. Not only will these boots update your professional look but can also handle any weather that comes your way. Rain, snow? No problem.  

You can wear any suit with boots like these. Choose any suit color and any style. Slim trousers would look trendy with these. Just keep the boots dark and you will have a winner every time.  Try black, grey, brown or even oxblood.

Any of the boots featured and styles like them are the best boots to wear with your suit.