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The Weekend Suit: How To Make It Work for You

Style Guide

The Weekend Suit: How To Make It Work for You

Hemant Varshney

The weekend is here and all you want to do is kick back in a pair of sweats, watch TV and eat Cheetos straight off of your comfy, though slightly smelly, T-shirt. And then you remember-darn! You have that gallery opening/museum outing/brunch with the in laws (insert dreaded, semi-formal function here). The thought of suiting up on your day off is enough to make you want to recoil into the darkest depths of your cave. Weekend events got you down? Well never fear! You can have fun and rock that suited look and the specialists at custom clothiers Astor Vance can show you how it’s done.

Lose The Tie and Button Front: A crew neck under your suit jacket is not only a more casual look; it can be fun and sexy.  Try playing with patterns. Stripes and even graphic tees can make your suited style cool and edgy. Just be sure they coordinate with your tailoring.

Trade in the Dress Shoes for Some Kicks:  For the ultimate in comfort and casual style, trade in those oxfords, brogues or lace ups for sneakers. There are quite a few high fashion brands that have been finessing up their sneaker game, but you really can’t go wrong with a pair of white tennis shoes or even a cool pair of high tops. Been stepped on a few times? So what?

Try a Tapered Leg: Although you can still work your weekend suit with a baggier leg, a straight or skinny cut will lend a casual, sexy flair. Give it a modern touch by rolling up your cuffs.

Forget the Comb: You may have to wear a suit, but one thing you don’t have to do is comb your hair. In fact, a mussed up doo is just the kind of thing your weekend suit needs. We recommend working a dollop of gel into your messy mane and then...don’t touch it!

Think Outside the Box: Those of you who really want to break out of the 9-5 mold and don’t mind sporting a more alternative look may want to invest in a weekend suit that really rocks. Think about embellishments like zippers and patches and funky prints and patterns. Some may also consider pairing their suit jackets with a great pair of jeans.

So the next time you find yourself having to suit up for the weekend, think about having some fun with it. Your Astor Vance specialists can help you achieve a casual, fun and sexy suited look for those off-hour occasions when a sweat suit just won’t do. You may even start looking forward to dressing up your weekends!