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Style Guide

Mastering the Untucked Look

Hemant Varshney


To tuck or not to tuck…that is the question. Although those who follow more conservative fashion trends may consider the untucked shirt sloppy, this casual look is rising in popularity and can be stylish and sexy for many occasions. The key to mastering the untucked look is knowing how to do it right.  Find out the best ways you can make an untucked style work for you.

Getting the Right Length is Key: When searching for a shirt that can really give you a great untucked look, it’s important that the length of the shirt is just so. A shirt that is too long or short will be unflattering to your body shape and do a disservice to the line and style of your outfit. An optimal untucked look will result from a shirt that falls to the middle of the zipper and exposes the pants pockets. Read on for some creative ways to work the untucked shirt.

Button Front: The most basic of all the untucked styles is the simple button front. When shopping for a shirt, you should be able to recognize which ones were meant to be worn untucked as opposed to those that were not. Shirts that were meant to be untucked will typically have shorter sides and longer fronts.  Shirts should fit in such a way so that they fall over your hips without straining.

Button fronts are best paired with a slim fitting pair of jeans or trousers which will contrast nicely with a bit of a bulkier look on top. Have fun with your look by rolling up long sleeves or cuffing pant legs.

Layering: You can’t go wrong with an untucked look if you add the right kind of layers. A button front shirt worn unbuttoned over a tee can be a great casual style as long you follow a few simple rules of fashion. 

The over shirt should be long enough so that it adds some weight to the outfit; just below the hip bone is ideal.  Also, be aware of mixing too many patterns. A plain tee may work well with a checked flannel, but if you’re sporting a graphic tee, avoid bold patterns on the over shirt. 

Capitalize on your layers by adding a vest or jacket. Then finish the look off with a fitted pair of jeans. You are creating a lot of interest in the torso area, so it is best to keep the leg neat and simple. 

The Long Line Shirt: The long line shirt is not for everyone, so those who choose to sport them need to do justice to this unique look. To really draw attention to the sleek line it’s creating, this shirt is decidedly for the untucked look, and can even be buttoned at the neck.  

When it comes to the leg, you can go in a variety of directions. A skinny jean or slim fit trousers will add to the long neat look while a pair cropped chinos can bring contrast. If pairing with a jacket, go for one that is hip length which will add contrast as well. 

The Caped Look: Rising to popularity in recent years, ‘The Cape’ is defined as a button front with only the top button buttoned. The Cape should strictly be worn with a T-shirt underneath, and, like the layered look, avoid overdoing it on patterns. The Cape can be paired with a simple pair of fitted jeans. 

So, as we move forward through the 21st century it seems like some of the rules of fashion are changing. You can forget to tuck in your shirt, as long as you don’t forget your sense of style. A bulkier look on top means a neater look on the bottom, pay attention to cut and design and avoid mixing patterns. To be sure you’re the ultimate in untucked style, consult with the specialists at custom clothiers Astor Vance. They can customize your shirt so that it falls exactly to the desired length and make sure you’re getting the most out of your casual look.