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How Ladies Can Rock A Suited Look

Style Guide

How Ladies Can Rock A Suited Look

Hemant Varshney


In the late 19th century, women began wearing suits to challenge gender roles. Today, suits can be as sexy, fun, rebellious or professional as you want them to be. Once you learn the basics on how a suit should fit, the rest of the rules can go out the window. Read on to find out some great ways to get the suited look you’re after.

Getting the Right Fit: A good fitting suit should start at the shoulders. Once you find a jacket with shoulders that fit, the rest of the suit, (sleeve length, waist and hem) can be customized to your measurements.  Shoulders that fit well will lie straight without pulling or sticking up. 

The collar of the jacket is another critical part of a suit’s fit. If the collar is too big, it will result in a gap between the shirt collar and the jacket’s lapel. If the collar it too small, the shirt may wrinkle or roll under it.  

Sleeves should cover your wrist but not fall over your hands when arms are hanging straight down by your sides.  They should hit where the base of your thumb meets your wrist. 

Style Tips: Now that you know how your suit should fit, there is no end to the style options. Here a few for you to consider:

Invert The Classic Look: We’ve grown used to seeing the boys in the classic black suit and white shirt. Change the gender…invert the look! Try a white suit with a black shirt for a fun take on an old standard.

Go Casual: Pair your suit with a t-shirt for a great casual look. Take it a step further by leaving the t-shirt half untucked and pushing up your jacket’s sleeves.

Oversized jackets can also be fun. Instead of an oversized women’s blazer, try a man’s jacket on for size. They tend to be cheaper and you’ll find more variety while shopping. 

Sporting a brightly colored suit can be a sensational weekend style. Add a great pair of sneakers to any suit to finish off your laid back look.

Go Formal: Going to a more formal event? You may want to sport a double-buttoned suit for the right kind of flare. Have fun with it by adding a bow tie.  A peplum blazer is another dressy look which will create an exaggerated hour-glass shape for your figure. 

It’s All About The Pants: Pair slim pants with a boxy blazer or go with a wide legged look.  If you’re in the market for a wide legged trouser, the pants should cover the toe of the shoe perfectly without going over or under. If you opt for the slim pants/boxy blazer look, the blazer should hit right below the hip.  

Add Ons: You’ve found a great looking suit…but why stop there? A longer jacket draped over the shoulders of your suit will create a sophisticated line as well as serving a practical purpose in colder weather. Draping it over your shoulders will ensure your suit remains wrinkle free. 

If you are rocking a tie, it should be in proportion to your lapel, i.e. a skinny tie will go with a skinny lapel and vise versa.  Thin suspenders will flatter the figure, especially when they are angled slightly from the shoulder in to the waist. A matching vest can also make for a great style statement.

These are only a few of the many options you can choose from when going for your suited look. If you are still wondering which style will work best for you, or want to get the most out of your suit, custom clothiers Astor Vance can help. They will make sure you find a style that you love and guarantee an impeccable fit.  Have fun with your suited fashion and show the boys how it’s done.