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Why Men & Women Are Flocking To This Custom Suit Company…

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Why Men & Women Are Flocking To This Custom Suit Company…

Hemant Varshney

Fashion has always been a form of self-expression; the possibility for the garments on your back to embody your interior essence. Quite often though, many dismiss affordable formal attire for men and women as an impassive necessity. People reference the man beneath the suit as if his suit does not personify his true spirit. Men and woman need a custom clothier that allows them to be formal and fashionable on their own terms. Astor Vance is that brand. We look to bring a passionate life force to your wardrobe so the man/woman beneath the suit, can be the suit.

Astor Vance stylists guide their consumers to design suits, shirts, coats and jackets that empower them. Each garment is entirely custom made specifically for each customer so there is no need to worry about fit. Many competitors promise a perfect fit but offer made-to-measure suits. Made-to-measure generally means machine cut from an existing pattern that is then adjusted to a customer’s measurements. Made-to-measure is not custom made and it is important to know the difference.

However, custom made doesn’t mean custom price. A completely custom handmade Astor Vance suit starts at just $499, yes just $499! The styling combinations are endless with three extravagant cashmere wool fabric collections, upwards of 100 linings and hand pick stitching. Design is in the details and Astor Vance encourages their customers to customize at no additional charge. See below for a list of a few of our customizable options:

·         Functioning Sleeve Buttons

·         Eyelet Stitching (color)

·         Buttons (color)

·         Pick Stitch (color)

·         Pocket Square

·         Lapel Fabric/Style

·         Personal Inscribed Name

·         Elbow Patches

·         Additional Pockets

The Astor Vance process is simple but effective. We take 35 measurements to ensure a perfect fit each and every time. Our suits are full canvass stitched to provide a seamless structure and shape. Many of our competitors cut costs by using an adhesive to glue the canvas to the outer fabric which creates a much less durable jacket. By hand stitching the interior canvass to the lining and outer fabric each suit has a more sustainable lifespan. Once your suit is custom made we schedule a fitting session to confirm that your suit is to your liking. At Astor Vance we pride ourselves on our commitment to the customer experience.

Be empowered to create a suit that exemplifies your personality. At Astor Vance it’s not just about the look but what the look means to you. Book an appointment with an Astor Vance stylist today to indulge in our self-endorsing bespoke revolution.

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