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A Gentleman's Guide To Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Style Guide

A Gentleman's Guide To Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Hemant Varshney

A wedding is a brief moment of immortality for two unified individuals. Guests travel from near and far to witness an admirable assertion of love. As you stand before the assembly, be certain that the garments that cloak you also best represent you.

Every wedding has its own unique aura. An aura that is established by the happy couple and exemplified by the bridal party. On your special day why compromise on a certain look when you can design your dream look? Astor Vance allows you to completely customize your suit or tuxedo at a price you can say I do to.

Astor Vance stylists will assist you in selecting the right fabric for the right season. AV has over 250 cashmere wool fabrics with the ability to make velvet or satin trimmings and lapels. 

The Astor Vance advantage is in the details. With every customization built in to the base price, stylists encourage you to select the accents that match the theme of your wedding. Each member of your wedding party can have their own distinct lining! Astor Vance is especially excited about providing customers the ability to provide a personalized message on the inside jacket lining. Whether it's a quote from your vows or a significant date, let Astor Vance inscribe a message that rings true. Please see the list below of all customizations provided:

·         Personalize inscribed Message (Color)
·         Functioning Sleeve Buttons

·         Eyelet Stitching (color)

·         Lapel Buttonholes (color)

·         Buttons (color)

·         Pick Stitch (color)

·         Pocket Square

·         Lapel Fabric/Style

·         Personal Inscribed Name

·         Elbow Patches

·         Additional Pockets

Have an idea that breaks conventional standards? Perfect, send a design description and Astor Vance can build the look that suits you.

Continue to prepare yourself for eternal devotion knowing that Astor Vance is dedicated to dressing you as your best self.

The more the merrier! As part of the special Astor Vance wedding package: all orders of 4 or more suits receive 20% off!