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Men's & Women's Custom Clothier.

Ladies, Here's How Astor Vance Makes Dressing For The Office Easy...

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Ladies, Here's How Astor Vance Makes Dressing For The Office Easy...

Hemant Varshney

As women, we have all endured the struggle of finding clothing, let alone professional wear that hugs our curves in all the right places. We always want to look our best, but flattering clothing is hard to come by.  That is why we introduced a custom women's line at Astor Vance.

Women of all shapes, sizes, and styles can create their perfect look. Whether it is a business suit you are after, a casual trench coat, or a trendy pea coat, this company meets all your fashion needs.

Our team at Astor Vance has thought of everything to make the “bespoke” experience like no other. With easy access to booking appointments online with one of their specialists, the team comes to your office or home for a consultation. They walk you through the limitless possibilities, and assist in making your fashions dreams a reality. Each garment is completely custom-made. Each customer chooses style, cut, fabric, lining, buttons, elbow patches, and monogram options. The appointment is completed by a detailed measuring process. The Astor Vance specialist takes over 35 measurements to ensure each garment is perfectly bespoke to fit your every unique curve.

We have created a brand to celebrate individuality. They offer every woman the opportunity to be their own designer; and with prices starting at $399.00, “custom -made” is finally attainable without breaking the bank.  The truth of the matter is that no one knows what fits your body better than you do. Buying off the rack will become something of the past.

Ladies, let us join the bespoke revolution, celebrate our curves, and dress impeccably on a budget! Astor Vance, thank you for bringing the possibility of “custom- made” to each and every one of us. We will never have to step out of our homes feeling anything but perfect again.

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